I don’t think it’s healthy to spend a lot of time looking back and thinking about how things used to be. Sure there are lessons to be learned from the past but what’s done is done. The things happening right now can determine the future so that’s where we should focus our attention. Still I find myself reflecting on the past and how things have changed over the years. When I revisit places from the past, especially those I have not seen in years, I always hope they look the same as I remember them.

Almost twenty years ago I passed this farm each day on my way to work. It became a weird habit of mine to try in capture as much detail of it in my mind as possible. Perhaps that’s why I remembered so many details when I drove past it a couple weeks ago. I can say this place has not changed at all in all those years and I was glad to see something remain the same.


Sunny day at the park

It’s almost the end of October and still we are getting decent days with sunshine. Yesterday I went to the park with a friend and relaxed for a few hours by the water. This was a great way to end my weekend. The only thing I guess I would complain about were the black fly. If you look to the left of the sun you can see a black dot, that’s a fly. I wonder how many more days like this we will get this year before the real cold comes?


Sunshine over Water

Sun and Clouds




It’s that time of year when the clouds rule but the sun is still trying to shine on us. Winter months don’t agree with me at all so I’ve been trying to take advantage of the last of these somewhat warm days with at least a little sunshine.

Sun and Clouds