Lake Superior

Last week I headed up, way UP until I reached the end at Lake Superior. The water wasn’t as cold as I remembered it being years past but there was this weird algae collecting at the shore. The color of the algae reminded me of radiator fluid.

Lake Superior

The trip wasn’t long-planned but more of a last-minute one as is my typical way of going on a vacation. Usually it’s not a problem to find lodging when I just want to go but then trying to do that on a holiday weekend proved to be difficult. My first choice for a getaway was on the west side of the state where I go several times a year  but my favorite place to stay was booked. Searching online I found it difficult to find anything so I decided to look into the Upper Peninsula and as luck would have it I found the perfect place right on the lake. Good memories were made.

New Place

Pretty soon I’ll head north again. I’ve already got my stops mapped out and most of them are places I’ve seen before several times. There are stops added to make new memories because I think that’s important too but those familiar places are calling me. It’s as if I have some kind of unresolved business there. I know what I’ll do too while walking those same paths. I’ll think about the last time I was in this place and I’ll compare my life now to my life the last time I was there. During those moments of comparison I’ll feel sad, not because I wish things were different now but I’ll think about how things might have been if somehow I was better then.

Last week I visited this bench that’s at one of my favorite places. I remember this bench when it wasn’t so weathered and the grounds around it seemed better kept. The area was largely a mystery to me then as I hadn’t explored every corner as I would do in the years to come. While sitting on the bench I felt nostalgic but not really that sad anymore.

Last weekend someone made me smile. Her eyes are mysterious and her smile is warm. I’ll see her again, I’ve already made plans to. Next time I’m in that place where we were I’ll think back and remember it. I can’t wait to go back there so I can remember it.