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Whitefish Point Lighthouse

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Whitfish Point Whitefish Point is known as the Graveyard of Ships as more vessels have been lost here than in any other part of the lake. Hundreds of vessels, including the famed Edmund Fitzgerald, lie on the bottom of the bay and the approaches. The lighthouse marks the end of an 80 mile stretch of shoreline known as Lake Superior’s Shipwreck Coast. This light has shined onto the big lake unfailingly for almost 150 years except for the night when the Edmund Fitzgerald went down. SOURCE 

Whitfish Point

Whitfish Point 3



Little Sable Point Lighthouse


More vacation photos from this past summer. These were taken in Little Sable Point, MI home of the Little Sable Point Lighthouse. The lighthouse was opened this year allowing you, for a small fee, to walk up the winding stairs to the top.

Over the years I’ve been here at least a dozen times but never had the opportunity to enter the lighthouse.

The beach here is always occupied but never packed, at least when I’ve been there. Being an amazing beach area I’m always surprised at the lack of swimmers but it’s nice if you like an area without a huge crowd.

Libble Sable Lighthouse

Little Sable Point

Spiral Stairs