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Getting Close

Ludington Michigan

The weather this week has been great. Temperatures have been warmer than in such a long time and expected to be better this weekend. The sun shining and warm breeze makes me think of those up north vacations. I can’t wait to spend time north.

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The sun setting on Lake Michigan. Our dog Otis on the beach making sure things are in order and the family safe for the night, he’s always so concerned about us. I miss this vacation, heck I miss all my vacations. This one was special though, the last family vacation. I think it’s going to always be that week I look back on and smile about. I knew going in it would be the last so the mood was bittersweet but I made the most of it.

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Traverse City Michigan


This winter has been brutal. I’m sure there are records that have been broken for consecutive cold days, possibly even snow accumulation. Right now it’s 12°F outside with winds at 30-40 MPH creating a wind chill of -10°F. When it’s this cold it’s almost impossible for me to keep my hands warm. I’ll be heading out the door in a couple of hours spending a little time outside working and freezing.  

Traverse City - Bass Lake 2008
Bass Lake

Back in 2008 we stayed in a little cabin on Bass Lake in Traverse City. The cabin was a small two bedroom with a loft that would accommodate two children but only if they were small. It was comfortable enough but not quite large enough for a family of six. We knew that would be our last visit there because of the size of the place.

Luckily is was right on a lake but it wasn’t really one of those lakes where you wanted to jump right it. It was an inland lake, mucky and dark so you couldn’t see the bottom. There was some sand but mostly it was just muck. Still the kids went out and played on the shore each day as the water was warm and peaceful the entire week. In the end it was a great vacation. We hung out at the cabin a day or two and then explored the area. That was the first year we went to The Pierce Stocking Scenic Drive .

Our search each year was always to find a spot on a nice beach. I would obsess for days at a time looking for the perfect spot. Actually I always tried to get a secluded spot on water, preferably with a nice sandy beach and clear water. We had some hits and misses over the years but eventually we did find that very spot in Good Hart a few years later where we stayed for a week in 20011 and again in 2013. I doubt I’ll ever see the cottage again but I have some awesome memories captured in images and video.

Good Hart - 2011
Good Hart 2011
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Little Sable Point

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Little Sable PointA view from a window in the Little Sable Point Lighthouse. I was lucky enough to walk to the top of the lighthouse twice last year. On this visit the weather was perfectly sunny with a few clouds.

The beach seems to go on forever on the shores of Lake Michigan. I’ve always felt lucky to live within driving distance of the great lake.

I always talk about moving south to Arizona where the weather is a better match to what I like but it’s the trips north that I would miss and I can’t imagine living in another state. I’ll always think of living in Arizona but the reality is I’d rather live on the shores of Lake Michigan.

Over the years I’ve imagined living north in a cabin on the lake. The winters would be rough but who knows, perhaps a winter home in Arizona would not be out of the question. The picture has faded from my mind for now, things in life have changed.  I’ve still got a ways to go here so who knows. One thing is for certain, you never know what’s ahead.




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Can found on the beach. Back when you had to actually use a can opener to enjoy your beer.



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Warm Summer Nights

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Warm Summer Nights

Lake Michigan – Vacation in Good Hart.

It was such a calm and warm night. The kind of night that goes good with a camp fire and cold beer. We sat around the fire, I drank beer and told corny ghost stories. All my kids but the youngest just laugh at my stories, they’re too old to think they are scary. My youngest though put her feet up on the chair and moved closer to me saying, “dad, is that true.” I smiled and didn’t answer.