Michigan, Nature

Deer at botanical gardens



Today got up to around 53F so only having a morning appointment I decided to take advantage of the warmer weather. While 53F to me isn’t warm, it is December and really anything over 40F is a bonus. Hitting the trail I was first surprised at how most of the gardens were pretty dry. I half expected the trails to be muddy. As always I headed toward the far end of the gardens maybe two or so miles in from the entrance where my favorite pond and bench are. I did in fact make it there where I sat for a while to relax but the wind made it cold. I started to feel too cold so I got up and walked back. On the way I saw around six doe and one buck, about an eight point who just stood there on the trial as though he didn’t give a damn about my being there. Then there we two doe, they’re always so easily spooked so it’s hard to get a picture of them because they run away so fast. The one pictured ran about 20 feet into the brush then stopped and stared at me.