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I’ve spent time on that bench over the years. I’m kind of anxious so being still for a long period of time, unless I’m sleeping, isn’t easy. When I’m here it’s no different but I try to relax. Usually my eyes are jetting around trying to take it all in looking for something to photograph. This day was no different but I did manage to sit there for five minutes.

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Then one day the sadness is gone

Fall Colors

You wake up each day feeling less sad. You think about your divorce less and you miss your ex less. The sadness starts to turn to indifference then it’s just a memory. That was a time in my life that has passed and nothing more. I no longer wish things were different or that I could somehow go back. Now I see it as a gift and opportunity to experience things I missed for so long.

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Lake Superior

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Lake Superior has areas where the water is so low you can walk about for a long time on soft sand. This photo is from a family vacation years ago. I’ve been back since but I can’t remember where this spot was.

Lake Superior