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Street Drinking
Industrial District


Sometimes a dirty sidewalk in the industrial district is the best place to relax and have a cold one. On Saturday I attended a beer/mead fest. The BBQ was good and the sun was hot.

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A week or so ago I met a friend at a park for beer. I wonder if it’s legal to drink beer in a park? It seems like I remember reading on a park sign somewhere that alcohol wasn’t allowed but then again it’s a park with benches and BBQ grills in it. What better place is there to have a cold beer or two than a park on a warm sunny day?

The weather this day was perfect. The sun was shining bright with minimal cloud cover and a nice breeze. We sat down by the water and talked shit, that’s what we do. Add beer to the conversation and the trash talking flows.

On the way out I stopped under a canopy of trees and sat for a while. I was missing my kids that day as they were with their mother that weekend. The following week I took them to that same spot and several other spots in this large park. On that visit I purchased my seasonal pass because I plan on taking them there often. Instead of drinking beer we will BBQ hot dogs and drink Faygo soda.

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Summer 2013

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Summer 2013

Otis hanging out with me while on vacation up in Good Hart Michigan. What a great spot to relax and have a cold one. Otis is asking for an invitation to join me on the hammock but hammocks are not for dogs, his little legs would just fall into the openings and he’d be suspended there. I did however give my boy a little sip of beer. What a good dog you are Otis.


Beat The System


Monkey IdeaSometimes I have good ideas. When I believe my idea is a good one I am quick to make it happen without delay or much thought. Rash decisions are almost never good, I know that but when I think I’ve hit upon something it’s hard to stop and think on it. I’ve been guilty of rash decisions over the years and have paid the price.

Over the past few months I’ve done that more than once. You would think I would learn.

Back in 2007 I started to homebrew beer as a hobby. The idea came from a guy I knew in the neighborhood who brewed beer and said it was fairly easy to do if I just read a couple recommended books. I took his advice, read the books and for the most part it was easy.

Brewing beer requires a lot of time and cleaning. The equipment has to be sanitized or else your beer could become infected and end up tasting like drinking sewage out of a dirty tennis shoe. If you enjoy beer it’s important to keep a batch ready for bottling or transferring to a keg. There’s about a 3-4 week process of conditioning the beer before you can drink it so I would brew a new batch every two to three months.

As business started to increase I had less time to brew beer so I started buying bottles again but being a picky beer drinker the beer I like tends to be on the expensive side. I found myself missing brewing my own but there was the time issue.

Beer KegA couple of months ago I was at my favorite market looking for a new beer when I walked into the cooler and saw a stack of 5 gallon soda kegs. The light went on in my head and I thought if I purchased a keg or two I could solve the issue of spending so much on bottles and I could have my favorite beer/s on hand without all the bottles. I suck at taking bottles back and end up giving them away.

If I had taken a couple of minutes to think about the idea I would not have done it but it was too late, the idea was set and I was going to make it happen. I went to the front checkout, purchased a 5 gallon keg of Brown Ale and ordered another 5 gallon keg of Belgium Ale. Taking my treasure home thinking I have tricked the system I quickly tapped the keg and had a little glass with a smile. The carbonation lasted a little while.

The thing about keeping beer in a keg is it’s good until you introduce air. Once the air is introduced the beer will go flat in a matter days and it get’s funky too. By the time my first keg went flat I already had the second so I tapped that one. It lasted less than a week before it tasted like garbage. Just before writing this I pumped almost five gallons down the drain. A good beer really is a terrible thing to waste.

When I brew beer I connect Co2 to the keg which provides carbonation but also keeps the beer fresh because it does not require a pump system like you get when you rent a keg from a store. Using a pump system also introduces air into the keg so it gets funky in time. When kept cold and charged with Co2 it lasts as long as it takes for you to drink it.

This idea turned out to be a really bad one. The system beat me again.