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Big Sable Light

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This one isn’t easy to get to. A two-mile hike down the beach and there it is. For a few bucks you can go up but I like my feet on the sand.

Big Sable Lighthouse
Big Sable
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Over the past few months I’ve been slowly putting things in order. I’m in no hurry but it’s a thing I do when I have free time like today. It’s quite a process really, to dig into stuff and find items that are attached to memories. I always attach memories to objects like that.

Large Box

A couple of months ago I threw away our old computer desk. It was a mess.  All the items in the desk were thrown into a large box right next to the loveseat with plans to sort it all out when I got a new desk. The new desk looks a lot better than the other one. It’s smaller and simple without drawers or little nooks to stuff things into. Our computer desks over the years always ended up looking like a junk drawer full of things that were more junk I suppose but not really.

This new desk is dark wood and clean with only one drawer on top that lifts up like a bar counter. The drawer is really thin so I can’t put much in it other than my inspection camera, batteries and a few other small things. There’s nothing underneath either so I can’t stuff papers or odd items in it. The large box has been just sitting but without a desk that can accommodate all the items so I need to throw things away and put things into boxes for storage. Today I have time to sort it out and I did.


The thing about staying behind in the house is you always see things that bring back memories. Cleaning out boxes or a corner of the house turns up things forgotten about. I guess knowing that makes it easy to procrastinate. That bouquet of flowers we had preserved from our wedding day are still sitting in the glass case in the living room. I’ve been meaning to box that up and put it in the basement but they’re really pretty so I think I’ll leave them for just for a while longer. I found a little note I wrote you years ago in the big box. I should have written more of those.


That large box had a small scrapbook our oldest daughter made. In it were scraps of paper, photos and a couple of art projects she made in school. While flipping the pages I wondered where she got some of the pictures. It’s just like her to have things that don’t belong to her but I wasn’t at all upset this time. Most of those pictures were of the two of us from a long time ago at your parents place, back when I first met you. I wondered what she was thinking by keeping those pictures in the scrapbook. Some of the items were fairly recent like a card from your youngest sisters bridal shower. Then there’s a wedding picture of us I don’t even remember ever seeing. She wrote ‘mom and dad’ on the back with a marker. It’s really a good picture too. I wonder why we never enlarged any of our wedding pictures and hung them up? If we had, this would have been one of them I think

Next week

In less than one week we have a court date. On that date we will submit the terms of our divorce to the judge. I’ve been meaning to thank you for being so considerate during all of this. The terms  are very fair, even more so than I thought they would be and I’m sorry for thinking you would try to take advantage of me, then again you never were like that. I wonder if you are as nervous as I am about next week? What should I wear? I always used to ask you what to wear during important events.

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Sunset over Lake Michigan

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I read somewhere that the person behind the camera misses out. Rather than enjoying the moments we record it for later. For me that’s not at all true. I enjoy the moment and capture it for later.Last week I took a couple of the kids north for a short vacation. We stayed in Ludington Michigan, one of my favorite vacation spots. Almost as soon as I drove away I missed the place.



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Lake Michigan

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I’m always happy to get home after vacation but I miss the lake almost as soon as I drive away. At only three or so hours away I can and will visit one of my favorite vacation spots often during the summer months.

Lake Michigan - Ludington Michigan
Lake Michigan – Ludington Michigan