Day: June 19, 2014

Family, Photography

Slow Down

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Sometimes in the hustle of the day-to-day I need a reminder to slow down a little. I think I’m pretty good at hitting the brakes sometimes. As a father I know the importance of making time for my kids and being self-employed provides me the opportunity to stop when I want to. At the same time being self-employed means I feel like I need to always work because I don’t get any paid days off.

My own father, who worked a lot when I was growing up, told me a while back to make sure I don’t work too much. There are things infinitely more important than making money and building your business. The money you make and spend won’t mean much in the end. It’s the memories you make with people you care about that have the most value in life.

This morning on a job site I saw this snail on a window ledge. He wasn’t concerned about me taking a picture and didn’t even move when I touched his shell.