Beer, Michigan, Nature


A week or so ago I met a friend at a park for beer. I wonder if it’s legal to drink beer in a park? It seems like I remember reading on a park sign somewhere that alcohol wasn’t allowed but then again it’s a park with benches and BBQ grills in it. What better place is there to have a cold beer or two than a park on a warm sunny day?

The weather this day was perfect. The sun was shining bright with minimal cloud cover and a nice breeze. We sat down by the water and talked shit, that’s what we do. Add beer to the conversation and the trash talking flows.

On the way out I stopped under a canopy of trees and sat for a while. I was missing my kids that day as they were with their mother that weekend. The following week I took them to that same spot and several other spots in this large park. On that visit I purchased my seasonal pass because I plan on taking them there often. Instead of drinking beer we will BBQ hot dogs and drink Faygo soda.


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