Beer Bottle Tree

Beer Tree
Beer Bottle Tree


There’s a tree in Ypsilanti Michigan in Riverside Park decorated with bottles. Newcastle beer is drinkable in small quantities I think, like a cap or two,  but I read recently that the coloring is made using ammonia. The article “8 Beers That You Should Stop Drinking Immediately” annoyed the hell out of me but I couldn’t figure out if it was done in humor as it lists Newcastle as the only cancer causing beer on the market..really?

When I first saw this tree I was little put off. I consider myself sort of a  tree hugger. I mean I’ll burn wood and cut a tree down so I guess that means I’m not a true tree hugger, plus the fact that I use the term tree hugger to describe those who like trees will likely exclude me too. Do people who devote their time to protecting trees take offense to being called tree huggers?

But what I was getting at was I was put off by the bottles. Some of the strings broke and the ground was littered with glass under this tree. I wondered if the clever artist would return to clean up the glass. I wondered too if the tree liked the bottles or the way I climbed it that day.

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