A song

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When I think about life now it’s easy to feel down but that’s only when I think about a certain part of my life, it’s just as easy for me to smile. I’ve got so much to be thankful for. The key for me is to focus on the things I am thankful for and devote less time to those things that are a drag, especially things I have no control over.


What is it about being in control of everything that I think will make me happy or complete? I think it’s good to not be in control of everything. Actually I think it’s better to allow yourself to know you are not in control of some things and to accept that fact. That might be a situation or person.


The song included always makes me smile. Seeing beauty in things and trying to remember that life is a gift. Having compassion for other’s always makes it easier for me to face my own trials and tribulations.


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