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Give Thanks

I love the feel of the warm sand under my feet. Last year we were up north and the sand was actually so hot we had to stop once in a while and stand on the dune grass or a towel, yes soft feet from not going barefoot much was the main reason. My son loves being buried in the sand. He said, “dad bury me up in this sand.” My reply, “alright but close your eyes real tight so you don’t get sand in your eyes.”

I used to like getting buried in sand as a kid and have been under it on this very beach.  As you grow up things change. The idea of getting sand in certain places takes away from the appeal of warm sand covering your body. My trick was to jump out of the sand and run into the water to rinse off but still I would have sand in my hair for days after.

There are so many things that we do differently as adults compared to when we were kids. Some of those things are out of changes in responsibility, maturity, and social expectations but I think there are some things we should never lose sight of.

Have you ever believed in Santa or the Tooth Fairy? How about monsters and dragons? As kids we see magic in things. As adults we tend to see logic and reason in things. I’m not at all saying you should believe in the above, that’s alright if you do, or throw logic and reason out the window but I’m saying we should see life as magical. Life is a gift to be enjoyed each day. Wouldn’t it be nice if we woke up each day and instead of focusing on all the adult things we have to do that can be a drag, we instead looked at life as an adventure and something to be enjoyed? Today I am thankful.



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