Month: April 2014

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A week or so ago I met a friend at a park for beer. I wonder if it’s legal to drink beer in a park? It seems like I remember reading on a park sign somewhere that alcohol wasn’t allowed but then again it’s a park with benches and BBQ grills in it. What better place is there to have a cold beer or two than a park on a warm sunny day?

The weather this day was perfect. The sun was shining bright with minimal cloud cover and a nice breeze. We sat down by the water and talked shit, that’s what we do. Add beer to the conversation and the trash talking flows.

On the way out I stopped under a canopy of trees and sat for a while. I was missing my kids that day as they were with their mother that weekend. The following week I took them to that same spot and several other spots in this large park. On that visit I purchased my seasonal pass because I plan on taking them there often. Instead of drinking beer we will BBQ hot dogs and drink Faygo soda.

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I’ve always felt in my element when out in the woods. I grew up around woods and spent hours exploring, building forts and playing army in the vast forest behind our neighborhood. As a father I’ve tried to get my kids to enjoy the same things I did as a kid so I take them to parks, nature preserves, fishing and on vacations I took as a kid.

Recently I’ve combined two things I think are cool, nature and treasure hunting. I’ve always wanted a metal detector. Being outdoors is always time well spent so what if I can do that AND potentially find treasure?


Dirty Boots – Treasure Hunt
1921 Penny
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All work and no play is not an option or at least one I won’t take. Yesterday I took half the day off to hang out with the kids. We went to the park for a metal detecting adventure.

My daughter said metal detecting is and old person hobby. Shortly after I found coins in this crater but she still laughed. I guess I have an old person hobby.


Beautiful Day

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The weather was excellent today. Spending my afternoon at the park drinking porter and enjoying good conversation with a close friend.

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Watch your step.

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Two years ago while hiking along a trail in Phoenix I walked within inches of two rattlesnakes without knowing it. It wasn’t until someone up ahead mentioned that they saw snakes on the trail that we doubled back and saw them tucked next to a large rock. My friend warned me to keep my eyes open for snakes while we hiked but I guess I was too busy taking in the view of the mountains to notice what was right at my feet.

As we stood there looking at the snakes a few other people gathered with us as we tried to encourage the snakes to leave but they were content there and didn’t want to move. The problem was the trail was popular and there was fairly steady stream of people walking along who might get even closer than I did. We stuck around and warned people until the snakes moved away.

I learned a lesson that day. Pay attention to where you are going and be aware of your surroundings. I think that lesson is a good one for all paths.



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Spring in Michigan

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This is not surprising but it is disappointing. Two days ago it was near 80 degrees and now this.

Michigan winters are known for that last winter storm just when you think it’s over.

A snowfall record was broken in Detroit at 94.8 inches this year.