Too Cold For Strawberries

The hill is one of our favorite places to hang out during the warmer months. There’s not much I like to do outside in the winter months so when my youngest suggested we stop at the hill on the way home I wasn’t overly enthusiastic about it.

She said, “we can walk up the hill and eat these strawberries.” I like eating strawberries at least but on a hill when it’s cold out, not so much.

The Hill

Life is short and kids grow up too fast. With kids it’s good to allow yourself to go on adventures you might see as less than adventurous. The thing is my 11-year-old is the only one left who thinks it’s cool to hang out with dad. It might be flying a kite, going to my favorite restaurant or walking the trails of the botanical gardens. There’s never been a time when I’ve regretted her suggested adventures even on this cold day eating strawberries on a hill. 

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