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Little Sable Point

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Little Sable PointA view from a window in the Little Sable Point Lighthouse. I was lucky enough to walk to the top of the lighthouse twice last year. On this visit the weather was perfectly sunny with a few clouds.

The beach seems to go on forever on the shores of Lake Michigan. I’ve always felt lucky to live within driving distance of the great lake.

I always talk about moving south to Arizona where the weather is a better match to what I like but it’s the trips north that I would miss and I can’t imagine living in another state. I’ll always think of living in Arizona but the reality is I’d rather live on the shores of Lake Michigan.

Over the years I’ve imagined living north in a cabin on the lake. The winters would be rough but who knows, perhaps a winter home in Arizona would not be out of the question. The picture has faded from my mind for now, things in life have changed.  I’ve still got a ways to go here so who knows. One thing is for certain, you never know what’s ahead.


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