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Death By Windshield

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crack killsOver the summer a stone hit the lower left side of my windshield and made a small crack. I’ve had those before so I figured, “ah that sucks but I can get it repaired.” You know those little parking lot set ups where they put some glue in it and bill your insurance? That really works.

I was in between inspections so I stopped home, as I usually do, to complete a report before heading back out to another inspection. It was about a two-hour delay between jobs. That’s not much time but apparently it’s enough time for that small crack to spread.

When I went back out to my truck I noticed the crack had moved from the lower left, up about six inches, back down and cured over a little. Later on I scheduled a windshield replacement but then while on my way home from the last home inspection I realized I didn’t even look out that side of the window so perhaps I could just deal with it and I did.

crackForward to just last week and I was out waiting for the truck to warm up so I could be on my way. It’s been unreasonably cold and snowy here this winter like arctic cold at times. They call it a Polar Vortex. I call it mf’r. That morning as my windshield was defrosting I had the heat up to full blast then I heard a sound like ice splitting. The crack decided to take a turn and expand across the windshield stopping just short of fully reaching the far right side.

I thought for a minute about how I might be able to still let it be but then I thought about driving in a heavy wind. Would the windshield fall in on me? Or how about when I drive into one of the automatic car washes where the brush climbs up the front and sides of your vehicle then the hurricane gust of wind pushes the water away, would my windshield fall in on me in the car wash? Then there’s this. Around here a cop can pull you over for obstruction of view when you have something in your line of sight, like a cracked windshield.

The cost is $180.00 to replace, not bad as I was expecting more. The cost of having to take my truck somewhere and not have it for the day….lost fee’s from not being able to take a couple of inspections today.

That and my anxiety has returned with a vengeance like you can’t eat or sleep vengeance. I’ve cut back on coffee to lesson it but then I crave coffee.

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