Nature Trail

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Nature Trail

One of my favorite places to walk is the Lefurge Woods Nature Preserve in Ypsilanti, MI.

I grew up not far from here but didn’t discover the trails until fairly recently, last summer, even though I passed it countless times while driving into Ypsilanti to visit my mother. I’ve always liked nature trails but I guess I didn’t realize this place was anything other than a quick overlook into wetlands. In fact the preserve has two parts one with longer trails and a hill and another spot about a half mile away shown in this picture.

I think one day on our way to Ypsilanti my youngest said something about the large hill with a small parking area mentioning it would be a great place to fly a kite. Shortly after we purchased the first of many kites and set off to the hill. It took a few kites but we managed several visits to the preserve with successful flights most times.

I’ve spent many hours here with my kids flying kites, walking around exploring and sometimes by myself where I would walk and think. I guess I discovered this trail during a time when things started to really change and I needed to think often. I wish the snow would melt and the warm air would return so I could go back.

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