Sunset on Lake Michigan

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Sunset on Lake Michigan

This photo is from our Summer vacation in Good Hart Michigan this past August. I miss warm summer nights and this place up north.

I’ve been contemplating getting away the past month or so but things have not worked out that way. Other than taking a flight far south there’s nowhere I can go within a few hours distance by car that’s warm enough.


  • Beautiful!

    Texas is lovely this time of year. I spent one winter in Minnesota, and a decade in Ohio before coming back home to the warmth that was beckoning me. So very thankful for mild winters and year round sunshine as this southern girl doesn’t do well in grey and cold!


      • Summers are grand up there! My theory though is that I would rather have 5 months of ridiculous heat and 7 months of gorgeous weather over 4 months of gorgeous weather and 8 of cold/wet/snow.


  • Another great pic! Your Michigan pics always make me think of my best friend who lives in (shudder) Detroit. She got married in a little town on Lake Michigan called Bear Lake. This photo really reminded me of that happy time. =)


    • Thank you. Detroit is bad for sure but there are area now thriving. Down town is becoming kind of a hip area with pricey lofts available and occupied by young professionals/artists. Still I prefer the burbs. Bear Lake is up near Traverse City I believe, a great place to vacation.


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