Day: November 15, 2013


Dune Grass

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Dune Grass

Despite the clouds it was hot on this day, in the 80’s. We were swimming in Lake Michigan and walking, actually more like running because of the hot sand, back to the truck. There was a patch of grass to stand on for a break from the burning of our feet. This was in Ludington Michigan over the summer when I took the boys north for a long weekend.

Ludington is one of those places that you really love to visit but then after a couple days I guess you kind of experience everything and just move on. Over the years I’ve been back a handful of times but we usually just head straight north to the Traverse City area for vacation and pass the Ludington area up. I took the boys up there twice and the girls once over the summer. All three times were as fun as I’ve ever had on the trip there. We were spontaneous with our plans just going wherever we wanted each day.

I believe when life is coming to a close there are things you will regret and things you will be grateful for. Spending time with those you love is one of those things you won’t regret.