The First House

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Today I performed an inspection for a young couple. They were in their 20’s and buying their first home to accommodate their growing family. The wife was expecting and they had a little one already so they definitely needed a place with room.  The excitement on their faces was great and to top it off the home was in excellent condition which made them even happier at the end of the inspection. It’s always good when it ends that way. I wanted to tell them how lucky they are and to cherish these times. That would have been awkward so I just settled with a smile and congratulations.

I thought about my own family today while performing the inspection and remembered when we got our first house years ago. It was small, like the one I inspected today, not fancy but a good starter home. There were some snags with the loan process but still we were excited about our first place with a growing family and a future in front of us. When you are younger like that it seems like there’s nothing that can stop you especially when you have your family. It seems like it was a lifetime ago. When time passes and you think back like that sometimes you wish you could go back and cherish it a little more.

As a kid I always thought about one day having a wife, kids and home for us all. There would be peace in the home with no fighting or sadness on the the faces of my kids caused by fear and neglect. To me the vision of that seemed like all that mattered in life and if I could just get that thing nothing else would ever matter to me. I would pray for it often too and one day it would come true. How many people can say their childhood dream came true? I thought about that today and felt lucky to have experienced it.

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