Day: August 6, 2013


Dark and Damp


Most days I am thankful for having a job I love and the added benefit of being self employed makes it that much sweeter. There are days however when I think to myself, “man is this worth it?” Sometimes that answer is NO but even then it’s only a no at that moment because overall it’s certainly worth it. When I inspect a home that’s in horrible condition I find myself wondering how I do it especially when that home has a crawlspace that’s low, muddy and big. My afternoon inspection today was one of those days when I cursed to myself while under the house wishing I charged hundreds more for this mess. In truth there’s no dollar amount that would make me happy to be here.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAImagine crawling around in this mess. The only thing this crawl had going for it was it’s height being over 18″ though the hanging dripping wet insulation took away any joy in that. When I made my exit I had to pause for a while to gather my thoughts and shake off the look of disgust before revealing the condition to the buyer. As bad as it might get inspecting crawls I always think about the poor bastard that has to go down there and remove the wet insulation, debris, loose vapor barrier or work on the floor structure.