Day: July 26, 2013



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Last night I had an odd dream. Sitting on the street or perhaps it was a mall there were several groups trying to recruit people though I don’t know what they were representing. It seemed like some were selling things and others celebrating something. During the dream there was a lot of noise, either white noise or music. The group in front of me looked to be a group of Indian men belonging to what seemed to me like the Hindu religion. My knowledge of this religion is very limited. Actually more than limited, I know nothing about it. These men were holding signs behind a table of wares such as bracelets, books and what looked to be some type of food. One of the men had a sign that read, “The smell or roses is bad.” or it might have been, “Smelling roses is vanity.” That’s not quite right but something along that line.

When I think of “smelling roses” I think of being aware of your surroundings, taking the time to see and listen to those around you. Life can be busy and sometimes it’s hard to do that but if you get so wrapped up in your own life you can become unaware of life around you. Your own needs become the center rather than considering the needs of others. Could the sign this man was holding have been promoting a self-centered lifestyle?

Wanting to know what he was talking about I approached him and he happily tried to explain it to me. Putting his face to my ear he had his hand pressed against the side of my face in a way that allowed him to talk up close but blocked any contact, almost like a divide between his face and mine using his hand. I thought that to be odd but his hand smelled like vanilla and cinnamon which was pleasant. It seemed a courteous thing to do considering his had was on my face.  He went on to explain what the message was but I could only hear mumbles due to to heavy background noise. After talking he stepped back and point to the bracelets. I picked one up and put it on.