This afternoon I went to the gym for a run and a swim. The run went well but when I was done I just took a shower then let my kids swim for a while. My run went a little better than last time as I was able to run a full mile at 5.5 mph without stopping. While I know that’s not much it is for me considering I have not run in a while. Finishing at 3 miles I felt it was a satisfactory run even though I know I could have gone further but my daughter was waiting in the child center to go swimming.

I forgot how good it feels to work out and take a cool shower after. The way you feel refreshed and a little tired from the workout makes me feel like I did something. My eating habits continue to be good but I did slip up over the weekend at a pub where I had a burger and fries. It was so good but I think it’s too soon for me to have a cheat meal like that. I need to stay focused on good food and moderation.

Almost four months ago I was at 190 and today am at 173. I  like to stay around 170 but in the past I’ve looked better at 173 which I contribute to muscle loss. I know I need to lose more fat but I also need to gain more muscle. In the end I am looking for 165 as a target weight with less fat and more muscle. Right now I feel like I need to work on my cardo more so that’s what I will stick with.

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