Listen up young man!

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Time travel, you know the stuff of movies? My favorite movie about time travel is The Time Machine (1960) directed by George Pal. Who knows what the future might hold right? So I am creating this entry for my future self with advice from the younger me. But then again I am not really the younger me right now so this blog comes too late really or perhaps it’s too early. If one day I have the ability to go back to my younger self, read the blog from my older self, take note and go back to my younger self again…Here is my list with information starting for my really younger self.

1. Sure things suck at home but you know there’s a better way and you will one day find it. Stay focused on that but let the anger go young man because it will one day eat you up inside. You will in fact be stronger and progress towards your goal faster with less collateral damage without it. Remember one day too it’s not evil to leave the curtains open at night with the lights on. Come on you know nobody’s out to “get yours” and you know what I’m talking about.

2. Stay focused on education. Find a way to surround yourself with others who have this interest and tough it out please. You do have family members that will help you if you just open up to them a little, reach out with determination.

3. Exercise and read a lot.  Healthy body, healthy mind. Less time on the Atari too.

4. Tell people you care about them. Keeping things inside won’t help you. If you follow advice #1 this won’t be an issue.

5. Remember the things that are important and focus on them, I mean really work at them.

7. I realized this list is thin and I wish I could offer you more advice but you are reading the blog of a 42 year old man with much to learn.

BTW Travel a little while you are young.


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