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Today we went to the gym again even though I was thinking of an excuse not to. As a way to stop myself from not going I asked the kids if they wanted to go swimming today which I knew they would. The boys swam while I went upstairs and ran. Starting out I felt pretty good but withing less than a mile I started to feel winded and wondered if I could continue past one mile. The mile came and I slowed down a little to catch my breath then started up again. The second mile came easier and I got into a pace slowing down again to lower my heart rate then going once more for a total of just under four miles. Stepping off the treadmill my legs were a little wobbly and I wondered if anyone saw me wobble a little. This is a good start and I can’t wait to go back for more but my legs are already sore and will be more so tomorrow.

My eating habits continue to be good too with my choices of meals today being granola for lunch and a vegetarian sandwich for dinner. I’m not even craving anything bad and am determined to stay on the right path. My guess is by this time next month I will have made great progress. If I can keep the kids involved that will drive me.

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