Day: July 16, 2013


Fitness Update

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So far this week I have been really good with my food choices managing to stay away from the wrong things and especially too much of anything.  I do contribute much of this to stress which kills my appetite but even so when I do feel hungry I reach for a healthy choice. Actually I remember on Friday last week I ate two slices of pizza but I picked smaller slices and stopped at that. In the past I would have eaten four and not been picky about the size of each slice. On Saturday I ordered the boys subs but picked a vegetarian sandwich for myself.

Over the past five days I’ve lost seven pounds, down to 177, by eating right. The exercise has not started yet but the family gym membership should be active and ready for tomorrow. The kids are also excited about the gym as they have a nice swimming pool, kids club and other activities. I’d really like to take full advantage of all the things they offer and by incorporating the family into it I know my chances of sticking with it will be better. I’ve also tightened up my work schedule allowing more time for the gym.

This is the weight loss stage so cardio and better eating choices are what I will focus on for now. Really I don’t have a lot of weight to lose, just 15 or so pounds, but will need to work on strength too which will bring weight back up but will less fat over the muscle.