Coins and trains

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 Growing up in Ypsilanti there were train tracks down the road from our neighborhood that we would walk down to Depot Town once in a while. Usually the trip was to visit the comic shop called Barron’s Comics where we would pick a couple to read for the week. My favorites were Hulk and House of Mystery comics especially the horror comics. 

On the way, if we got lucky, a train would pass and we’d scramble to neatly place a couple coins on the tracks for the train to smash leaving a flat oval shape sometimes with an outline of the featured president. Taking the walk Depot Town was always one of my favorite things to do and now with kids of my own I take them. The comic shop is long gone but we like to visit the Co-Op for goodies and Sidetracks Bar and Grill for great burgers. The train tracks pass right outside of Sidetracks where this sign is and there’s even schedule inside to let you know when to expect the next one. While I’ve thought about moving I am glad I’ve stayed right here to share some of the same experiences with my kids. 


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