Day: February 28, 2013


Favorite places

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Yesterday I had some time to take a couple of the kids out to some of our favorite places in Ypsilanti. When we go to Ypsilanti we either go to Hidden Dragon restaurant for excellent traditional Chinese food which I'm glad all the kids but one likes. Or we head over to Sidetracks in Depot Town for great all American food. Really it's hard to pick my favorite but I tend to spend more time at HD. After eating we always go to the co-op for treats to be enjoyed down at the Riverside Park. Our trip yesterday was actually pretty nasty with a recent deposit of a couple inches of slush. Almost immediately our feet were soaked from walking in it but I was determined to make it to the bridge. My thought was once we got under the bridge it would be a littler dryer and it was even if just a little. We sipped on soda and ate pineapple for a few minutes before the cold got to us. One the way back to the truck Audrey fell but didn't drop the pineapple, what a champ. Next time I will be better prepared with boots, hats and gloves. Actually it would have been fun if we were dressed for it.

Frog Island Ypsilanti Michigan