Day: February 24, 2013


Revived Blog


I've been neglecting this blog for a long time but today I read something that encouraged me to continue, something about recording your memories to help you remember them..something like that. So the problem is thinking of something to write because life is to be honest kind of boring right now. Day to day is for the most part the same, I get up at around 7ish to help get the kids off to school, get ready for a morning job, do a report before the afternoon job and eat dinner..sleep and just repeat. Of course there are those days when I might not have a job or only one job but I've dropped the ball recently with filling the time being productive. My intention is always to work out, go explore or just do something but often times I just don't. I've taken up a new favorite pass time of taking one or more of the kids to Hidden Dragon restaurant followed by a trip to the food co-op for organics and such. Those things are not a waste of time at all and in fact plan to do it tomorrow.

What I would like to do is start working out more but that seems to always be the case. Reading some of my earliest blogs I see that but still I fail to get in that regular routine. In a few short months I'm going on this 51 mile bike ride but right now I don't think I could so I need to get back at running or something. I would get the bike out and ride but there's snow and well other things like..just things.