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  I've always felt it's alright to be content with whatever you do in terms of work. While I can't say I've been content throughout most of my working life I have met several people, in the same position as me, that seemed content with their jobs. There have even been times when when I was really unhappy with a job yet some around me seemed to be fine with the position. I think it has more to do with attitude than position. 

 Growing up my dad sometimes talked about how hard he worked as a child in Mexico to help support the family. He would go to school after working and then work more when he got out. Then there were times when he would have to leave school early in the year to work in the fields to bring in income. His had work was something I always looked up to and hard work has always appealed to me. I mean the thought of digging a trench under the hot sun sounds alright to me. Unfortunately that type of manual labor doesn't pay the bills these days.

 Recently I was thinking about my situation and how I am starting to feel content but somewhat uncomfortable with that. In a way I see it as being lazy or unwilling to improve my situation. While I do really enjoy what I do and make decent money I also know business could be better but for some reason the urge to make it grow is all but gone. The thought of being so busy I don't have time for anything other than business makes me uncomfortable, I burned the candle at both ends for too long to get here,  but having a day or two without work makes me uncomfortable too. I get antsy when there's noting to do especially when there's nothing lined up. Another thing that's always in the back of my mind is what if business just stops all together and I have no leads or work? In the years I've been doing this I think about that whenever I have an unscheduled day off, three this week. I don't know, coming back recently from a vacation where I didn't make a dime probably adds to this paranoia. 

 I'm off to inspect a home……

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