Day: April 4, 2012


My head might explode!!

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 I've never been good at dealing with stress or any uncomfortable emotion for that matter. Not that I am constantly stressed but there are some things that really get me going and sometimes I'm so out of control with stress that I want to scream. When my plate is full I thrive and love to handle several projects at once. Something about it gives me a kind of high. But when my plate is full and includes things I have no control over I stress out. Come to think of it I guess I'm sort of a control freak. I mean if I don't like being involved in something I don't have control over that's obviously a control issue. I think I need to learn to deal with that somehow so it doesn't stress me out so much. Avoiding those situations all together isn't an option but knowing that you can't control everything is something I need to remember.