Day: October 23, 2008


cough cough cough

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That deep rattle of a smokers cough when you can hear the fluid in their throat and lungs vibrate. It makes me want to clear my throat when I hear it and more so makes me wonder why the hell anyone would want to own it. I don’t know if this is common in every smoker or if it’s something that is acquired from years of smoking but it sounds like death and gives me the pre vomit mouth waters to hear that gurgle.

A person I know has this cough and it’s gone beyond the typical smokers cough. All I can think of when she coughs is having a mouthful if phlegm.  She coughs almost constantly and it drives me up the wall making me want to scream. Her sides must hurt from the constant beating they get and I wonder if she’s really sick with a lung infection or worse. I feel really bad for the person who sits right next to her having to listen to this gurgling rumble of the almost constant coughing. What’s worse is watching her step outside for a smoke break.


Smoke up Johnny!