Day: October 14, 2008


Great way to kill time

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I’m sure everyone has received the Nigerian email scams claiming excessive amounts of money available to you in return for your cooperation. Perhaps some of you know about the site, 419Eater,  where people post accounts, which sometimes includes photos and sound files, with 419 scammers in an attempt to waste their time and resources. It’s quite fascinating but the reading is long and requires a good amount of your time.


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It’s down to my last three weeks at "the bank" and I’m feeling nervous as ever. Actually less than three weeks with Oct. 31 being my last night. The first wave of employees let go were allowed to go home after only about two hours at work so I’m hoping that will be the case with us too. I keep putting off cleaning out my desk, not that I have a ton of stuff to take home, but I don’t want to have a box of things on my last day. I’ve always hated the idea of boxing my crap up and taking the walk out on the last day of work. Everyone knows our jobs are being sent out of state and over seas but still I want to walk out on that last day with what I came in with on that day.

I’m excited about being home at night but not sure how I will handle nights at home, it’s been a long time since I’ve not had that "me" time so it will take some getting used to. Of course I’m also worried about business with the hit and miss way things have been going. I keep telling myself it will be better but I also know I need to make things happen, I’m so damn lazy lately.

I’ve never taken the kids out to collect candy, being  at work during that time, so this year I plan to help them get dressed up and take them around the block. I’m thinking homemade costumes like zombies and such which would require only minimal makeup and old clothes.

The past few days have been beautiful with some unseasonably warm weather and sunshine. I love it but I’m reminded of the cold weather on the way when the night comes and temperatures drop way down. Today will be a high of 68F with a low of 43F. That’s one of the things about Michigan weather I hate, the dramatic change in temperature. Yesterday was a high of 83F with the sun blazing down which felt and energizing. We kept a couple kids home and went to Greenfield Village, my new favorite place, for a couple of hours. With a family pass we can visit as often as we want and I believe it’s open all year although I don’t know how enthusiastic I will be about walking around the village on snow covered streets. I find the history of the various attractions to be fascinating and given the time would be happy to spend hours at this place. I took plenty of photos and intend to upload some here soon. Unfortunately I can no longer access LJ at work which is why I don’t post much anymore, not that I have a significant number of readers.

Six weeks ago we got a puppy, a photo of him is posted in an earlier blog, named Otis who’s gotten so big in these past couple weeks. Not big like a big dog but considering we could hold him in the palm or our hands at first he’s grown dramatically. I’d say he’s around seven pounds now and a constant source of amusement. Seriously he’s like a little kid always needing our attention and getting into trouble. That was one of the things that prevented us from wanting a dog for a long time, not wanting another thing requiring so much attention but we love him for it.

Just arrived at work and out of habit I checked my LJ account just in case. Strange I am able to access it once again here.