I could smell autumn in the air the other night leaving for work after lunch reminding me of Halloween trick-or-treating when I was around ten,  living near a large neighborhood in Ypsilanti where it seemed like everyone passed out candy. I don’t know if kids get as much candy these days as I did when I was a kid. Typically this time of year is a little depressing knowing those hot days of summer have passed, soon to be replaced by the dreary days of winter when the sun seems to hide forever.

This year is a little different due to the coming change in my work situation. I’m looking forward to this winter somewhat knowing it’s the first winter in over a decade where I will not be working a night job. This might seem a little overly dramatic but it’s almost like a dream come true to be able to finally have what I consider a "normal" home life. At the same time I feel antsy when I don’t have to work for much of the day so I don’t know how that’s going to play out. With business typically slowing down in the winter months I think I might go crazy if I’ve got more than two days with no work to do.

I guess I can’t say for sure I will last the winter without finding another second day  job. Even if I get used to working every other day, which I probably won’t, we still have those things called bills to consider. I’m worried business might not be enough.

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