A benefit of living in a relatively diverse community is the opportunity to enjoy dishes from different cultures.  I’ve always taken the opportunity to try different types of food and have seldom been disappointed. Over the weekend we went to our local fruit market looking to stock up on some healthy options when I stopped at an area with an unusual looking fruit I’d never tried. 

It’s not the first time I’d seen jackfruit there but I just stayed away from it more out of fear of eating something from so far away it might not be fresh. This time there was an Indian woman standing there who gave us the how to of this odd looking fruit. She told me it was very sweet but you had to put oil on your hand when peeling it as it was very sticky. She also recommended we dip it in honey. 

Peeling the thing apart was not an easy task and just like she said it stuck to my hands with a sap that looked exactly like Elmer’s glue but with the staying power of rubber cement. Washing this stuff off with regular soap was pointless as it also had water resistant properties. Fortunately I had some GOOP which took it right off. It’s hard to compare the taste to anything but it had the texture of a firm onion with the taste of a cross between an orange and perhaps mango.

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