Coming into work today I went into the conference room for the much anticipated meeting letting me know I am officially getting my severance package. Just as I’d heard my last day will be October 31 with an additional 22 weeks of pay. This is something I’ve been looking forward to for quite some time but to be honest it’s frightening to think of the unknown. Of course I will be doing the inspections still but will it be enough? While I really hope so I have to accept the possibility of having to acquire a PT job during the slow seasons.

Working PT sort of makes me feel irresponsible in an early adulthood kind of way. Just knowing I could be working a job some days and for a limited time makes me feel free from “the man” like I could just tell them to stick it if I want to. Well having much responsibility I know that’s not exactly the way I should handle myself but I do like the idea.

Prior to being presented with my papers I chatted for a while talking about family and life. When I said I had a day job I’d been hoping to devote more time to she let out a sigh of relief at knowing I at least had a backup plan. For her part she said it made the process a little easier knowing my ship probably won’t sink. She  congratulated me on my business ventures handed me my packet and sent me on my way.

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  • Forward four and a half years and you are still doing inspections AND making good money too. There are some slow times but there are plenty of really good times and at times you feel exhausted with the work load. On the other hand you can take time if you want. So far things with work have worked out better than you imagined it would.


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