Day: August 25, 2008


vacation time over


Typically after a week away from home I’m more than ready to be back in my own home, relaxing on my own couch, sleeping in my own bed and just getting back to the daily routine. This year however I would have been more than happy to have stayed on vacation an extra week to practice my main goal this year which was to try and relax. Being able to take it easy while on vacation has always been hard for me because of my inability to just let things be and not stress about the kids doing whatever or anything else I obsess over. Really it just takes away from the vacation and leaves me feeling drained. 

I’m not saying I took it easy the whole time but I was able to let things just go somewhat and enjoy the time away. I sure as hell wasn’t the stressed out angry vacationer I usually am. Part of not wanting to be back so soon was the fact that I was really having a good time doing next to nothing and actually being able to enjoy it. Each night I sat out on the little back porch off the water and enjoyed meat and beer followed by a dip in the hot tub. It was so recent I can still  picture it all so perfectly. The smell of pine trees and earth, chlorine in the hot tub and sound of the wind. Playing cheesy mindless puzzle games with my wife and cooking together was nice. I can’t think of anything I didn’t like about this vacation even down to the smelly little country road restaurant we stopped at on the way home.