Day: August 13, 2008



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I almost never drink beer during the week. It’s always been a weekend treat for me but last Wednesday I was at home and decided to have a beer. It was delicious not just because I was thirsty but it satisfied that need. Sometimes I wonder if craving beer means I’m craving alcohol making me an alcoholic. When I think about alcohol free varieties I think no. Beer is like coffee to me in that I enjoy how they taste and make me feel. 

I suppose I drink around five beers on the weekend which isn’t much really. Besides it’s rare that I actually drink enough to get drunk and in fact don’t care for being drunk at all. It’s the smooth buzz from two or three I enjoy.

In a few days we are heading up north for a weeks stay in a cottage on a lake and all I can picture is sitting out on the porch reading and drinking beer. Looking at the online photos I can’t tell if the place is somewhat secluded or if the lake is one of those Jet Ski speed boat types I can’t stand.