Day: August 11, 2008


something’s wrong

I’ve heard it said for quite a while now that our youth is a generation of lazy overweight kids. Thinking back to my childhood I know I played my share of video games on the Nintendo but I remember spending most of my time outside running loose like a wild animal. Meals were generally basic in nature and I won’t say we always ate a balanced diet but fast food and snacks were a rare treat far from the norm.

This weekend we went to Cedar Point for our annual visit which surprisingly to me was a really relaxing fun time. Usually I’m uptight and impatient but for whatever reason I liked being there besides the treacherous downpour a few of us got stuck in. Something I particularly noticed this visit is the large number of out of shape people ranging from really overweight to the oddly disproportionate shape of the kids. I’m not exaggerating when I say at least three out of five people were overweight. It was like fat day at the fun park or something.

First off I don’t want to come across as a bastard with little to no tolerance for overweight people, even though that’s partially true, but what I’m trying to explain is how I believe there is something very wrong with the way people today are so apparently unaware or unconcerned with their psychical well being. It almost seems like we have given up and allowed bad food choices and lack of exercise to just become an acceptable way of life. With adults I have little tolerance considering our ability to choose for the most part what we eat and whether or not we exercise. But when I see kids so out of shape and even in many cases with parents who are in better shape than they, I can only believe the parents are to blame once again for failing to provide a balanced diet and expectation to get off the couch and go outside to play.

Something else I would like to say is just because an article of clothing fits DOES NOT MEAN YOU SHOULD WEAR IT! Seriously though I wondered if some of these people bothered to look in the mirror before stepping out the door.

In a way it was a wakeup call for me and my wife. Not that we are out of shape or overweight  but more so we realized the importance and need for good food choices and regular exercise not only for our own health but for our little ones too.

Reading over this I know it sounds insensitive and rude but hell that’s part of who I am.