new place : day one

Today I finally made it up to the gym after putting it off for months. Damn I can’t believe that much time has passed.  Going in I wasn’t sure if I would just stick with the weights or do some running so I just did some upper body training for half an hour and feeling a little tight I figured I should ease into it and take it easy at first. Not wanting to leave just yet I made my way over to the tread mills and went for a two mile run which wasn’t quite as hard as I would have thought but certainly nothing to be proud of. In all honesty I was sweating my ass off at 4.5mph and having a hell of a time.

I’ve always said I’d stay away from those store front type gyms because I associate them with, well.. being trashy or whatever. This place however seems fine and really I can’t be worried about the oompa loompa tan roided out guido standing next to me even if he were to show up. I’m there to do my thing and stay focused.

I plan to head up tomorrow but I’m not sure about the workout or having a routine to stick with. Having everything written out is probably a good idea for me knowing if I have a certain number of sets and reps to do, written on paper,  I will be more likely to do them. On the other hand the thought of sticking with a specific routine never has worked for me. For now I will just show up and see where it takes me.

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