Day: July 28, 2008


Step in the right direction

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This weekend we went to Fitness 19 to check the place out and sign up so we can get back in the swing of things. Not that I’m using this as an excuse for not working out because I’ve had a membership at our local LifeTime Fitness for quite a while but stopped going. The difference between the two is about $100 per month with Fitness 19 having pretty much the basics, treadmills, elliptical, free weights and hammer strength weights. All the bells and whistles are missing but I never used them anyway.

Aside from the financial savings with the new place it’s less intimidating and really is just a place you go into, do your business and hit the road which is exactly what I plan to do. I’m undecided in what exactly I’m going to work on tough because I need so much improvement in all areas. I love the idea of running but want to hit the weights too so I suppose I have to find a routine or dig up one of my old ones. The idea of lifting twice a week and running twice a week sounds great but I can’t say I will be able to commit to four days, at least not while I’m still working the PT day job and FT night job. Today I wanted to get up there but after the morning job I didn’t have it in me knowing I had to be here tonight.

Something else I’m excited about is getting back to decent eating habits on a regular basis. Not to say I’ve been out of control at all. Thinking back I believe there was only like a week or two that I was not even watching what I was eating but at least I was aware of it and not comfortable with the bad foods. I want to get back to healthy food and healthy portions which I know will help in the overall objective to get fit. I’ve not stepped on the scale for a while but I would guess my weight to be around 155 which for someone at 5’11” is fine really other than I need to loose some fat and gain muscle. I’d be happy to lose say 7 pounds  of fat and gain 17 pounds of muscle. It can’t be that hard can it?