Day: July 14, 2008


life songs

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Last year or so I started trying to listen to and appreciate music other than old school R&B and 80’s rock/pop and have had marginal success. Part of the problem for me is the nostalgia tied to the music I like makes it hard to give anything else a chance. Thinking back to some of those old Gap Band or Earth Wind and Fire songs reminds me of some good times like how magical Christmas was to me or how much fun we had playing out in the acres and acres of wood behind our  neighborhood. 

We had what seemed like an endless area to explore which we did several times a week with deep exploration once in a while but I really don’t think we ever got to the end of these woods. Going deep there was a graveyard at one end which we used to run around in like the disrespectful punks we were. As we got older the stick guns turned into BB guns and the rickety forts turned into well built shacks furnished with our moms pots and pans just in case we needed to stay for a while. One of the forts actually became occupied by someone which we were scared of when we saw the bundle of clothes and other things.

This year I’ve really started listening to different music and have found some songs I think, “Damn how did I not know this song?” You know those songs that you like so much you wonder how life could have been complete before their creation. Sometimes a song comes along that just works well with you. It’s those songs I think we remember for years and store as our “nostalgia songs” comparing others to it. I’m thinking Rainy Monday and Don’t Cry Out by Shiny Toy Guns are a couple of those songs I will listen to for a long while perhaps thinking back to these times when I hear them.