Day: July 10, 2008


always looking back

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My head hurts. Going home for lunch I thought about taking something for it then hit me! I’ve gone most of the day without coffee, that’s it! So really I know I’ve got problems with the coffee thing when I need it this bad. Right now I’m enjoying a delicious Michigan Cherry blend we got from Biggby’s coffe shop. It’s delicious with a smooth deep flavor and that hint of cherries reminds me…

Standing at the top of the hill overlooking  the shacks or “outhouses” as I referred to them, the lodging at the migrant worker living areas, we were throwing rocks down at the metal roofs seeing who could make the loudest thud when suddenly my brother stands in the way of my attempt. The sound the rock made when it hit the side of his head was a thud/smack which still makes me tighten my butt hole at the thought of how much it must have hurt. Grabbing his head he was greeted halfway down the hill by our dad who was pissed that we were throwing rocks AND because one of us got hurt. The sound of the newspaper against his head was a sharp smack sound which I’m sure was secondary to the pain he was already in. While I don’t remember exactly how bad the damage was I know it must not have been deep enough for stitches or anything as I know I would have remembered that.

Picking these dark cherries I would always stuff my face, they were just so good I couldn’t stop. If you’ve never eaten an extraordinary amount of cherries lets just say it acts as a wonderful laxative, for the next couple days. Knowing this each year I would happily repeat the process. Thinking back now I feel guilty for my lack of work ethics considering those we stayed with did it for a living and went without simple things I thought/think are important like a kitchen floor made out of anything but dirt. Or being able to go get a drink out of my sink instead of the pump outside.