Day: July 9, 2008


man what’s up with your eyes?

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Had one of those weird lucid or vivid dreams last night involving a childhood friend and my old neighborhood. Growing up I had these monkey bars and wooden bench behind the townhouse where we used to hang out almost daily talking shit and telling lies. One of my friends Matt used to get these headaches and I could always tell these were some monster headaches because he would be moving slow and talking really low with this look on his face like his nuts were in a vice or something. Man my head is starting to hurt thinking about it. I swear headaches are all about mind control.

 So last night I was dreaming we were all hanging out in the back yard with Matt sitting on the bench complaining about a headache. Everything seemed so real and things I thought I’d forgotten were in this dream like the way my crazy ass mom would plant mustard greens between our back porch and air conditioner. It’s not like it was even a good spot to plant stuff with about a 3×5 foot space and these big bushy ass greens crammed between the condensing unit, our porch and the back wall. I think this next part happened because I was thinking about zombies yesterday. 

While holding his head and looking down Matt just like got really bad and looking up his eyes were completely tan all over just like a zombie. Being scared as hell of zombies I immediately tried to call the police but couldn’t remember that number, you know 911? When I find myself in this type of situation, in a dream, shit like that always happens. If I’m fighting my arms are suddenly like noodles or if trying to run it’s like my legs are tied together at the knees. Luckily for me he didn’t turn into a zombie though but I keep thinking about how real it seemed and those EYES!