Day: June 16, 2008


And on the weekends, he rested.

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 Weekends these days are brilliant now that things have heated up and both days are pretty much mine. Once in a while I have an obligation but for the most part I do whatever I want to do and considering my weekdays can be really non stop it’s more than a little needed. But I hate the idea of working for the weekend. To look forward to just TWO days seems like a waste of life especially when you think about just how fast the weekend goes by. I guess it’s always like that when you are enjoying the moment or whatever. Siting here in “the cube” I swear time crawls by and my eye is constantly shifting to the little clock on the edge of the screen. 

There was a time I was big into RPG’s which would take up copious amounts of time in chunks that seemed to go by in a flash. It always pissed me off to look up at the clock and realize I had to be to work when I wanted nothing more than to finish the game. These days however I don’t have time for those games that require excessive play time to complete which is why I’ve never given WOW a chance. I could just see myself playing it for hours on end, calling into work, ignoring everyone around me. It’s not even an option with work and family so I figure why even go there.

That vow I made some years ago to enjoy each day is shot. I want to get the heck outta here.