Day: May 5, 2008


you win < i win

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My attempt at quitting/cutting back on coffee has been a complete failure. In fact I didn’t even give it an honest effort as, while suffering from a withdrawal headache, I realized what a foolish thing it was to think I could escape the grip of that evil bean. But seriously though I have made progress, enough so that I am happy with how it is now. My sexy momma bought this coffee that has a chocolaty taste to it which I love but she hates. To me the chocolate is mild and adds something else I love to my favorite drink. I’m certain she won’t buy it again but that’s alright too because I know she will buy quality stuff being somewhat of a coffee snob herself.

As I’m typing this I realize I’ve not had a single drop today which would explain this dull pain in the center of my nugget. I’m thinking vending machine coffee….hmm…

In other news I’m stressed about the work situation still which is such a roller coaster ride for me. I’ve lined up two jobs for this week so I’m feeling a little better but during those times when the inspection belt is still I get these desperate ideas about finding another job right away. But when I line up some work I see past the clouds and realize it’s easy to make enough, at least it should be anyway.