Month: May 2008


unknown tribe

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I find this type of thing to be fascinating. Trying to imagine what they were thinking while this photo was being taken. Ready for action to protect their own.

Members of an unknown Amazon Basin tribe and their dwellings are seen during a flight over the Brazilian state of Acre along the border with Peru in this May, 2008 photo distributed by FUNAI, the government agency for the protection of indigenous peoples. Survival International estimates that there are over 100 uncontacted tribes worldwide, and says that uncontacted tribes in the region are under increasing threat from illegal logging over the border in Peru.

Rare uncontacted tribe photographed in Amazon



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Man I am in serious need of some good sleep. With the DEMF weekend over I’ve not really had a chance to recover with jobs/meetings each day. Tomorrow I don’t have anything scheduled early on so I’m so looking forward to getting some sleep. But my lawn is starting to look like an abandoned lot which is just embarrassing. Rain is in the forecast which would prevent me from cutting it and I’m almost ashamed to admit I hope it rains all day. 

So tired I’m seeing things here.



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What a weekend!

Started Friday night and ended Tuesday morning. This was my third Detroit Electronic Music Festival and by far my favorite. There was more going on than we could possibly do but we seemed to be in the right places at the right time. The music was amazing all around but I think my favorite set was by DJ Benny Benassi who brought the crowd to a peak over and over again. I love DJ’s who can work the crowd like that.

Friday night we went to Bookies Tavern for some bileebob and friends which was a great place to start out. The music was great up until the drum and bass started, not my thing, but it was one of those places where the music wasn’t so loud you couldn’t talk to each other. It was a 2am bar so we didn’t stay out all that late.

Saturday we got to the festival at around 2pm I think and jumped around from stage to stage going where we liked. The weather Saturday was perfect, around 70F with a slight wind coming off the Detroit River. By Saturday night we were ready to do the after party. This was another great venue with a dark atmosphere and pounding beats. Thankfully they had some places to sit because after a long day of dancing this old back was feeling sore as hell. We stuck around until around 4:30am I think, went home and crashed hard.

Sunday we crawled out of bed around 11am and took our time getting ready. Not wanting to feel like we had to rush out the door and knowing it would be another long day and night we didn’t get to the festival until around 3pm I think. This was another day of amazing music and the day Benny Benassi threw down. After that set I was sore as hell but the night was far from over. We went to the Beretta party at The Works which is the same party we went to last year. This year was bar far more electric than than what I remember from the last. The back room was packed out with a wave of people dancing to the thumping beats. I wanted to leave early but the music wouldn’t let me do it. We stayed drenched in sweat until around 4:30am and once again crashed hard when we got home.

Monday started late again and I believe we crawled out of bed around 1pm. It was weird going to get something to eat and feeling like it was around 10AM but being closer to 4PM. We aren’t used to sleeping that late so it threw us off a little. We arrived at the festival around 4PM I think and pretty took it easy for the most part. We did some dancing but nothing like before. I wasn’t as sore as I thought I would be but I was pretty tired. The weather was great that last day despite the forecast of strong storms, I think it rained lightly for around 20 minutes. By the end of the festival we contemplated going out to another after party but decided getting home was a better idea. We ended up getting home around 1:30am and pretty much went straight to sleep. šŸ™‚
 I had to be up at 6AM and my wife has more than enough to do today.

It’s just over but I’m already looking forward to the next festival.


peep peep II

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The other day a little bird was sitting on a bike in my garage allowing us to walk right up to it. At first I thought something might be wrong with it then I remember the babies in the nest out front. Not wanting to lock it up in my garage I put my finger under it’s chest and it jumped up on my hand for a second before flying off.




I’ve always been interested in mental health and schizophrenia in particular even going as far as to write a paper on it during those school days. My interest rests on the edge of fear and fascination. Fear of being batty like my mom and fascination in what people say and do when living with mental illness. It’s not something I make fun of but I must say I find this to be somewhat funny, in a fearful way.



peep peep


It was hard to get a shot at these little things with the nest being just out of arms reach. I plan to grill them this evening.


you win < i win

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My attempt at quitting/cutting back on coffee has been a complete failure. In fact I didn’t even give it an honest effort as, while suffering from a withdrawal headache, I realized what a foolish thing it was to think I could escape the grip of that evil bean. But seriously though I have made progress, enough so that I am happy with how it is now. My sexy momma bought this coffee that has a chocolaty taste to it which I love but she hates. To me the chocolate is mild and adds something else I love to my favorite drink. I’m certain she won’t buy it again but that’s alright too because I know she will buy quality stuff being somewhat of a coffee snob herself.

As I’m typing this I realize I’ve not had a single drop today which would explain this dull pain in the center of my nugget. I’m thinking vending machine coffee….hmm…

In other news I’m stressed about the work situation still which is such a roller coaster ride for me. I’ve lined up two jobs for this week so I’m feeling a little better but during those times when the inspection belt is still I get these desperate ideas about finding another job right away. But when I line up some work I see past the clouds and realize it’s easy to make enough, at least it should be anyway.