Day: April 22, 2008


for the love of bean

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Lately I’ve been thinking about quitting coffee and as much as it pains me, literally, I think I need to give it a go. It’s not that I think coffee is bad for me but what I do know is it heightens my anxiety issues. Its bad enough I spend a good amount of time feeling anxious or nervous but mix in a little coffee and I’m a mess really. The problem with quitting is the headaches I’m sure to get but also the fact that I love the taste of a good cup of Joe. Lately though the good of coffee isn’t outweighing the bad. Even writing this is making me feel sleepy and nervous.

My plan of attack is to slowly wean myself off the been by drinking say 1 cup a day. I’m not opposed to drinking decaffeinated as long as it tastes good.