Day: April 15, 2008

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Some two years ago I thought of a brilliant idea to design and market canned oxygen impregnated with various scents such as lemon, cherry, mint, beef, lime etc. Unfortunately someone must have found my notes as this product is not only available it’s available in several scents. As you can imagine this news was very hard to take but being the champion of the people I am I could not let this stop me from my quest to own the world and all it’s inhabitants. 

Not to be outdone I’ve come up with another equally, if not more, brilliant idea to become rich enough to buy the world and all its inhabitants. So you are probably asking yourself, “self, why is he sharing this idea with me?” To answer that question one must understand the basics of product marketing. I need your money. In return I promise you a portion of the world and its people once this idea gets off the ground.

Prospective investors I give you the following:   SECOND CHANCES COME IN A CAN



C up CUP

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David The Gnome

There was nothing better than hiding in the apartments behind the bus stop so I could purposely miss the bus knowing I would be able to go back home and watch my favorite lineup. A huge bowl of cereal on my bed, mom gone to work and nothing to stop me from a full day of television was heaven on earth.