bring out the lions

For the record there is nothing appealing AT ALL to me about “wrestling” via Friday night smack down, WWE/WWF or whatever they call it these days. If that’s your thing well good for you. This article however does interest me considering it features one helluva’ fighter and how he beats up some big monster. So I know it’s all fixed and totally, for the most part, planned out.

My reason for this post is I can only hope and pray the day will soon come when they allow lions, swords, spears and the such in the ring. The glory days of real gladiator style fighting should return and you better believe it would bring in monster crowds of people frothing at the mouth for the chance to see some guy with a sword or knife sticking out their neck. Or better yet a lion tearing apart some fearless fool limb from limb.

Mayweather KO’s Big Show at WrestleMania XXIV

ORLANDO, FLORIDA (TICKER) —The best pound-for-pound fighter had a successful debut in the wrestling ring Sunday.

WBC welterweight champion Floyd Mayweather defeated the seven-foot, 441-pound Big Show at the Florida Citrus Bowl by virtue of a knockout at WrestleMania XXIV.

At 5-8, 159 pounds, “Money” Mayweather overcame nearly a 300-pound disadvantage, courtesy of his right hand and some dubious tactics.

After attempting to play cat-and-mouse with the Big Show for much of the match, Mayweather found himself in trouble when the “world’s largest athlete” wrapped his hands around the boxer’s neck.

But Mayweather countered with a kick to the giant’s groin and – due to the stipulation that “anything goes” – repeatedly hit the Big Show in the head with a steel chair.

The six-time champion then finished off his opponent by putting brass knuckles on his right hand and delivering one big punch to the jaw.

After the Big Show went down, the referee ruled him out at the count of 10, setting off a celebration from Mayweather and drawing loud boos from the 74,635 in attendance.

The match was one of the highlights at the event. The WWE is looking to break the wrestling pay-per view record of 1.2 million buys – set at last year’s WrestleMania.

Mayweather owns the boxing pay-per view record with 2.4 million buys for his victory over Oscar De La Hoya last May.

The Mayweather-Big Show rivalry began at “No Way Out” in February, when Big Show taunted the six-time boxing champion, and Mayweather responded by bloodying the giant and breaking his nose.

Mayweather, a long-time WWE fan and friend of wrestler Rey Mysterio, was in attendance, but couldn’t stand by and watch Big Show destroy Mysterio.

Big Show was returning to WWE after a 14-month absence that night, and his melee with Mayweather sparked headlines around the world. But it also left him embarrassed, so he challenged Mayweather to the fight, and the speedy boxer readily accepted.

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